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Lousy reception/Jacobs Elec. pwr supply

Chris Idleman (FSAC-AAD) <cidleman@PICA.ARMY.MIL> wrote:
> I have to suspect that the problem is in the supply
>voltage -- ie: something in the Audi electronics is causing my reception

	I haven't tried it, but the this post on reception made me think of it.

	In the Jacobs Electronics [(800) 627-8800(Sales) (800) 825-3345(Tech)], they
sell an automotive power supply developed to make sure you have a clean and stable
12 or 14 volts for racing ignitions and they mention that some are used for "super" 
audio systems for the same reason.  I forget what they cost, but I would guess $100-200,
so maybe it is a last resort fix.  Maybe their tech line has some suggestions?

	I have the catalog at home and will get more detail if requested.

	Has anyone used the Jacobs ignition stuff on their Audi?