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Re: Exhaust for 4000Q & Pulling the distributor

Steve posts:
>Last week, as I went around a bend, the pipe that is connected to the
>resonator broke free. So today, I had a place look at it. He said that
>the whole system (from catalytic converter back) is shot and I will need
>to replace it. He patched the pipe for now, but he doesn't think it will
>pass inspection. Anyway, the price he got for a new system was $707. Now,
>this seems VERY high to me. I figured it would be around $400, not $700.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the 4000Q exhaust systems.  I've
replaced mine every 3 years, and probably am due soon :-(.  The dealer
price is about $700 (2 pieces @ $350/piece), but my mechanic seems to
be able to get aftermarket exhausts for about $500.  Both last about 3
years up here in upstate NY.  

If anyone information about a more "cost-effective" exhaust system,
I'd like to hear about it.

On another topic...

I need to replace the vacuum advance on the distributor of my '84
4000SQ, and it looks like I'm going to have to pull it to get access.
Any net.wisdom on the procedure?  Do I just mark the position of the
distributor body relative to the rotor and the head and pull away?  Is
this a "shade-tree" job, or should I let my friendly local mechanic do
it for me?


John M.

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