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Re: Lousy reception with aftermarket stereo in Audi -Reply

I'm the one that posted the message about the relays. Like I mentioned,
my alarm would also mysteriously go off, while driving, too!! I don't know
exactly what he did, but the guy is Monte at Performance Sound, in
Murray, UT. Tell him Shannon Shirk (he's done 3 Audi's and my full-size
Bronco, he should remember, especially the alarm work on the Audis--it
was a six month process till he figured out what set the alarm off all the
time.) The number is 801-263-2683. I haven't talked to him in a few
months and he was talking about opening up his own shop at one time. If
he isn't there ask them his new number. (but like I said, he was just
talking about doing it, I don't know if he actually did.)

Good Luck,