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Re: 4-cylinder engine

I have heard, read and seen pictures of VW rods and Audi rods. The Audi rods
are reputed to be far superior and are outwardly different, visually.
In a magazine article that included pictures of each, the writer observed
that the VW rods were rather "normal", where the Audi rods were referred
to as "beautiful" and a "work of art". I believe this article was about
building high-perf VW engines and that the point of the rod comparison
was that the VW rods needed considerable ($) reworking for high-perf use,
but the Audi rods were much stronger and needed virtually no reworking or
prep. So, while the blocks and other parts may be similar or even the same,
the rods are not! The Audi rods were, if I remeber right, a bolt-in part
in place of the VW rods for the VW motor being built.