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Re: Break-in Methods

> I have a friend who just took delivery on a 1995 VW Jetta III GLX.  I've heard
> differing views on how cars (specifically German) "should" be broken-in.  One
> camp says that you baby it for 2,000 miles, while the other says you baby it
> for 1,000 miles and then drive it hard for the second thousand miles.  Any
> opinions/advise?

Every German car I've broken in (a fair number) say to just drive it
normally for 1000 miles. The worst thing to do is baby it, or drive
it at a consistent speed/power level (e.g. go for 1000 mile highway
drive). It is also bad to redline it a lot, or really push it to/past
the limit.

Go have fun. To quote the owner's manual on my last Golf:

	Do not exceed the following speeds during the first 1000 miles:
	1st gear: 15 MPH
	2nd gear: 35 MPH
	3rd gear: 55 MPH
	4th gear: 75 MPH
	5th gear: *

* - please observe local speed limits"


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