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Re: Break-in Methods

> From quattro-owner@swiss.ans.net Tue Nov  1 10:19:05 1994
> Date: 01 Nov 1994 14:44:22 GMT
> From: drobbins@wellfleet.com (David Robbins,Wellfleet Sales/Mkt)
> I have a friend who just took delivery on a 1995 VW Jetta III GLX.  I've heard
> differing views on how cars (specifically German) "should" be broken-in.  One
> camp says that you baby it for 2,000 miles, while the other says you baby it
> for 1,000 miles and then drive it hard for the second thousand miles.  Any
> opinions/advise?

I have always had good luck with the second approach, in terms of
performance, oil consumption, and longevity.  And that's pretty much
how most cars get used in Germany; driving on the Autobahnen seems to
require frequent full- throttle acceleration to at or near the redline,
and full-out running in many cars just to keep up with the flow and out
of the way of others.

Of course, many of the break-in instruction pamphlets I've seen say to
limit "road speed" to 2/3 of the car's top speed.  Why don't they just
say "for the first 1000 miles, obey all posted speed limits!" :^)

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