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'85 4000sQ at Audi dealer

I was poking around in the back lot of our local Audi dealer, and they have an
85 4000Sq.  The dealer said that is has an intermittent missing problem at low
RPM, and they were going to wholesale the car for about $1500.   Since I
already have a 4000q, I don't need it, but I thought someone else might.  Here
are the specs on the car:

1985 4000S Quattro with 110K
Charcoal Grey with Grey Leather and cold weather package
some seams are pulled out on the leather, but otherwise it is good shape
no rust that I could see - looks as if it were well taken care of.

The miss comes and goes for no apparent reason. (sound familar??)

If anyone wants to know more, or wants me to go look at it, let me know..


P.S. - The car is in LaCrosse, Wisconsin