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Re: Seatbelt Recall

> I was looking though a CU used car buying guide and I noticed a section on 
> recalls. The only one that affects my 86' CSQ was related to seatbelts.
> On both 4000 and 5000 models, they reported the seatbelt might not fasten 
> properly, and could come apart in an accident.
> I'm a real believer in seatbelts, use them all the time
>  (no air bags in this model).
> How can I tell if my belts have been "fixed"? Does anyone have any details 
> on this?
> Barry
> 86 4000 CS Quattro

go to your next Audi dealer. They can check whether a certain recall
was necessary and done using your car's VIN. I did a check on my car, after
I purchased it from a 3rd party. The dealer shouldn't charge anything
for this service.
- Hans

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