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Comment - Re: AudiWatch Update (Tm) #47

On Tue, 1 Nov 1994, Glen Powell wrote:

> Piech Kills VW's One-Car, One World Plan
>   The days of one car for the world are done in Wolfsburg. Each of the
> company's major markets--Europe, Asia and N and S America--will get a
> car build to meet its particular needs. Though the company will reduce
> dramatically the number of platforms is uses-- from 16 to four--bodystyles
> will climb to 30 from 20 (AW, Oct. 17).
>   "We will never again produce a Golf in Germany and in Mexico with the
> same sheetmetal," Piech said. "We will produce one body-style in one
> place."

Remember when VW "Americanized" the Rabbit?  What a disaster!  Let's hope 
the brain-trust at VW/Audi, who listened to the former Plymouth Valiant 
owners (cheezy vinyl, pull-out knobs for the head lights switches, pucke 
colors, etc) manage to listen to a different set of customers this time!