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Re: 1990 Q Coupe radio

Thanks! I appreciate the response on the Audi AM reception issue. 
My perspective is from owing six different Audis, 84-86 4000Qs,
an '85 Ur and an '87 TQW. All of these have exhibited *very poor* AM
reception, with the stock antenna. The Radio-Shack replacement in the
'84, as well as the AM-only OEM Delco in my "antique" '70 Chevy pickup
have vastly better AM reception. Interestingly, I could not locate the
AM antenna tuner on the RacShack unit when I installed it. No mention
in the manual either. Perhaps the "one chip" receiver doesn't have or
need an AM antenna tuner..... I any case, and I sure wish it were not
true, 'cause I listen to AM alot, these Audi radios *suck* on AM!
If anyone knows of a fix, please help!