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Re: vaccum pump noise

In a previous message,Bruce Bell writes:
>>Christopher Ice said on 12-Oct-94:
>OK Chris, it's been 3 weeks now. Is it still quieter? 

In a word...YES.  I still get a little noise on startup.  But it's VERY faint
and dies away almost immediately.  However, I predict that "draining the pump"
may become a maintenance item.  ;-)  It's easy to do...so I could think of

>belt, I could observe the rod on the vacume pumpin action. There did not
>appear to be any clearence between this rod and the cam (I'll get out the
>feeler gauge tonight).   Hoewever; using a screwdriver to depress the rod
>slightly, then release it, created the loud clack/clank. This is a sound
>that I heard quite a bit last winter and Spring. By the time warm weather
>arrived it dissapeared (warm thin oil?).  

It's gotten into the 30s already here...so it's been tested in cold-ish
conditions with same results.  Seems to work OK.

>>Or, it could be that the rod has worn short
>>and does not stay in contact with the cam at all times.
>I'll check this tonight with a feeler gauge. I still have the noise even

Please let me/us know.

>Chris, you are the only one who's taken the thing apart. Was it worth it?
>Let me know so I can stock up on those 5mm bolts.

Taking the pump off, apart, clean, reassemble, reattach took less than 1/2hr.
Not including a run to the hardware store for some cap screws.  Next time
it'll be 20 mins.  As opposed to $$$ for a new pump, it seems to be a good
thing!  :)

Taking the pump apart is not big deal.  You just have to be careful not to
break the o-ring gasket and remember where all the parts go.  Go slow and
think.  BTW. this thing hemmorages oil everywhere when removed from the car.
It's a very steady trickle/fast drip when the pump is turned in two certain
directions...either with the shaft pointing down or the hose nipple pointing
down.  Anywhere there's a hole, the oil will come out.  In fact, it might do
the trick to just take it off and drain it.  Maybe taking it apart isn't

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