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'95 Quattro Wagon Info please

	I just joined this mailing list today, and I was wondering if 
some people on this list could help me oout.  Now, I don't own an Audi.  
As a 19 year old who is really to sell almost anything to get cash, I 
don't have money for a go-cart, let alone an Audi.  :)  My question is 
the following:
	Soon, (end of December) my parents are going to have to give back 
the car they have leased for the last 2 years; a Ford Taurus wagon.  They 
are seriously considering the 1995 Audi Quattro wagon - the one with 
AWD.  (They might all come with AWD, I don't know - but the main thing 
they like about the Audi is the AWD.)  Anyway, I was wondering if any of 
you on the list who own one of these or have driven one of these (doesn't 
have to be a 1995) can tell me their overall opinion of it.  How does it 
handle?  How is the power?  How is the ride/comfort?  Overall opinion.

	Also, I just have 2 questions regarding the car.  First off, I'm 
trying to get my parents to add the optino of the CD changer.  Where 
would this be hidden in a wagon?  Second question...I have driven a 1993 
Mercades 300E.  Does an Audi drive similar to that in terms of it's 
handling and power?

	One minor "bad" point about the Audi that kind of shocked me was 
that the 0-60 time was not that great; 11.x seconds.  I thought that was 
pretty slow, but then I realized that the AWD equipment adds some 
weight.  BTW...what is the true weight of this car?  My Dad told me 
4500lbs, but that seemed pretty heavy to me.

	My parents also know of the Audi that is available in Europe that 
is a 300hp V8, which will only be available in the U.S. for 1996 I 
think.  If any user on this list is from Europe, and has driven that car 
or own it, I imagine there is a lot more power/pickup because the one 
available in the U.S. is a 195hp V6 I think; or something close to that.

	Keep in mind if you are going to respond to me that since 1979, 
my parents have owened American engineered cars: 2 Oldsmobiles, and most 
recently from 1988-1992 a Ford Taurus Wagon, and from 1993 until the 
present, a Ford Taurus Wagon.  

	Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me.  

-Jeff Kuhn