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Re: "Chipping" your car?

> glen%hera@mail.smc.com (Glen Powell) writes:
> >The ignition system would be the last place to look for performance improvements.
> 	Jacobs Electronics claims their ignition system does improve performance
> because of more complete combustion.  They say engines have a percentage of 
> missfires where no combustion occurs.  The gain is around 12-15 hp for the Audi V8.
> 	I like it because you don't lose anything or have any tradeoffs (once you
> have bought it).  The chips seem to get most of their power from setting the
> advance curves for Hi-Test gas.
> 	Is this just marketing or is there something to it?  Anyone ever use it?
> I am convinced enough to try it.  I'll post after I have had it for a while.

We've had discussions about improving the Audi ignition system on this
mailing list a while back (almost two years ago). The bottom line from that
discussion agrees with Glen's assessment that the Audi Bosch ignition systems
are pretty good as they are and are hard to improve upon. I located the
relevant articles from that previous discussion; one is included below.
I have others that I can email directly to the person interested in adding
the Jacobs system if you let me know your email address (I can't tell who
the originator of the email is due to my mail reader and the way this mailing
list is set up).


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