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Audi Rally cars + others (tryII)

Hello fellow Audi fans ,

I'm looking for information on the Audi Rally 
cars of the 80's, mostly performance figures
at the moment. 

I've got a copy of our local CAR magazine road
test of the Audi Quattro Sport Rallye (with the 
shortened wheelbase) done back in '87.  This car
dominated the local rally scene ... but you all
knew that :-)

I have the following figures for that car :
	0-100kph	4.4secs 
	400m sprint 	12.5secs @198kph
	Top Speed	198kph
	1km sprint	25secs
	Fuel Consumption 33l/100km (normal driving)
			 90l/100km (special stages)
Power output 300kW - sorry no torque figure.
Noise at 100kph 113dB - Ouch!.
The gearing was very low - it reached top speed 
approximately 400m into the 1km sprint.  The 
0-100 time includes two gearchanges :-(

If you have performance figures for rally- or 
track-going (DTM,IMSA) Audi's please post or mail me.
I think the predecessor of the above car was
probably much faster ...

Thanks for any info,
PS. 0-100mph 9.3secs