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Re: Carrera 4 & diff designs

Hi Eliot,
Nice to hear from you.  Let me clarify by re-editing the original quote:

[original quote:]
> > > My guess that the 400 Lb number includes weight
> > > due to the superior independant rear suspension 
[original response]
> > <ahem...>  Hi Glen, I'm glad you took my advice about not reading ol'
> > Walters comparisons between the new C-4, and various Quattros... 
> > (heh, heh, heh...)
[Eliot, missing my point, responds]
> hmm, if you are implying that walter rohrl said that the quattro
> drivetrain incurs 400 pounds i have to say that my first reaction
> is that he's either mistaken or misquoted.
[Uncle Bart patiently re-edits:]
> > > the superior independant rear suspension [of the Quattro - ed]

which is what ol' uncle B was refering to in his original response...

> i wonder if the new C4 cars have seen any competition..

I haven't heard.

Cheers from Uncle Bart