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Re: Slipping Tach

When I first purchased my '86 4000csq new the lcd was distorted. During 
the warranty replacement, which involved opening up the dash instrument 
faceplate, the tach needle was bumped. Upon reassembly, the tach was 
inaccurate. Mechanic reopened dash and secured needle and compared rpm 
with external tach and reassembled. I agree that it could well be simply 
needle attachement. Good luck getting at it though, it's not all that 
easy to access, at least as I remember my watching the operation.

On 3 Nov 1994, Noam Levine wrote:

>  Subject:   Slipping Tach               Date:   11/3/94     Time:   9:15 AM
> Over the past couple of days I noticed that the
> tachometer in my '85 4000SQ (185k miles) was
> not registering properly (80mph in 5th should read
> >3000 RPM). Tapping the top of the dash seemed to
> make the needle dip a bit more, leading me to believe that
> the problem is mechanical rather than an electrical
> problem.
> Has anybody else experienced a slipping tach needle?
> Inquiring minds want to know.
> -Noam
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