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Carage Car Lifts

<ahem...>  Ok, ok, I'm geezin', I admit it.  I forgot who asked for the
address of the Garage Lift company, and I accidently Deeleeeted the msg
I was carefully saving to repond to.

Anyway, Current AutoWeek has one, try (from P44)

AutoLifters of America
1-800-759-070  (316) 283-7222
M4 Service Lift $2595
T6 Service Lift $1695 (6' lifting Height)

(ad Says:) Both feature
110 V Elec/Hydraulic operation
Fits home garages
Moves Easily - inside or out - Most surfaces
Factory Direct - 5 year warranty

I have no knowledge, and I make no claims as to the accuracy of the ads.


Bart Chambers
'77 Feline Varmint Felix, Gray Tabby
'86 Carrera Cabriolet, Indischrot
'87 Syncro (Stealth Quattro)