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Re: Audi Rally cars + others (tryII)

> I think you are referring to the SCCA Trans Am series of 1988.
> Audi participated with the 200 quattro (with Hans Stuck and
> Hurley Haywood as drivers), and absolutely dominated the entire
> season.  Although the Audi was disadvantaged in terms of horsepower
> and weight compared to its competition, Audi was able to out-corner
> other cars with its AWD and gain time.  This in spite of mid-season
> rule changes in Audi's disfavor, forcing Audi to reduce horsepower
> by installing turbo restrictors.

Yep that's the car.  Apparently the only mod's done to the standard
car were to the engine, lighter (aluminium) panels and a smoother
underbody airflow.  I think it set the lap and top-speed record
at Taladega(??) with one of the Unser's driving (Bobby?).  Lap speed
was +-330 kph and the top speed on the straight was 347 kph.  Quite a
different car than the rally beasts !  The power output was also
well up - 484kW.

> Isn't it amazing, that time and time again, Audi was able to produce
> winning race cars first time out!  I didn't even mention the Audi
> quattro rally cars that started it all...

Locally there is a formula for heavily modified sedans.  Two Audi
S4 Quattro's run against a single Ford Mustang (700bhp) and a 
Mazda Mx-6 fitted with a 4-rotor Wankel engine.  Despite the
turbo restrictors and ever-narrowing tyres ( I think they were 
downsized twice this year :( ) the Audi's were still at the head of the
pack for about 5 laps, then the tyres popped, literally.  They've won
that championship for the last two or three years, the Mustang 
taking it this year.  Unfortunately last week was the last time 
these cars could be seen in action ...