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Re[2]: Fools rush in .....

     Speaking of ZF pumps...
     I recently got mine in from MAAS.
     As I was reading the Audi TB on replacing the pump, I noticed
     a very strong suggestion to replace the banjo bolts (especially
     the ones with a screen).  As I was making arrangements with my
     mechanic to install the new pump, I mentioned the TB and asked
     if he had replaced the bolts when he installed the pump (now bad)
     approx. 1 year ago - his reply was: "? No..."
     Since I will be there when he will be working on it, I will make sure 
     he does it right, per Audi Tech Bulletin.
     Incidentally, the mechanic is Mark Biela (Sudbury, MA).  I am coming
     back to him because he is going to install the pump free of charge, 
     since the one he installed when I bought the car 1 year ago (paid for 
     by the dealer) started leaking about 6 months after.  It's a long 
     story, but in summary the dealer had him install the pump which was 
     either a) used, or b) (as he claims) not a ZF pump and the rebuilder 
     is out of business, thus no warranty.
     '90 Corrado G60
     '90 Audi 100