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Upper radiator hose connector

While driving home Friday night, my 86 5000s quit.  I suspect that it was 
overheating since I was in stop and go traffic for about two hours 
(Washington Beltway).  After letting the car cool down, I was able to 
drive home with no problem.  My coolant sensor is intermittent so I 
thought that it might have contributed to the problem (if it worked at 
least I could see if the engine was getting too hot).   Since I read some 
time back on this list that someone resoldered his sensor, I thought 
about doing the same.  However, in trying to remove the upper radiator 
hose connector, I broke one of the bolts that holds it on (rusted, I think).

Can anyone give me advice how to remove the broken part of the bolt from 
the head?  And is it worth trying to repair the sensor?

Thanks for any help.

Shea Rutstein