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Re: door seals

> > 
> >   As winter approaches and the temps get lower, my door seals are 
> > starting to shrink.  This in turn raises the noise level inside not
> > to mention an occasional breeze or two.  Anyone have any info on 
> > ordering seals for Audis (mine is an '86 4000 cs quattro)?
> > 
> I've never heard of this, but it sounds reasonable.  I recommend
> applying a coat of silicone spray on exposed rubber parts (e.g.  door
> gaskets, CV-boots, exhaust hangers, suspension bushings) in order to
> preserve them thru the winter.  Spraying the door gaskets is a standard
> yearly M-B maintenance procedure.
> The silicone also prevents the door gaskets from sticking in wet,
> freezing weather.

What type of silicon spray should be used? The ones I have say "silicon
spray lube". Is this the same? Any brands recommended? Thanks.

Zafer Mehmood				   AT&T Bell Laboratories
zm@mhcnet.att.com			   Murray Hill, NJ