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Re: Electrical Problems

     >   > I have a 1993 90.   Today the windshield wipers, turn signals, 
     > **********
     >    All those gizmos are auxillary loads, and will be "DUMPED"
     >    when the starter is used.

   Sorry, I'm confused by this.  The starter is fine.  These accesories are all 
   permanently not working, even when the motor is running.  Some other 
   accessories such as the radio ARE working.

Ok, that almost certainly zero'es in on the "Load" relay, which is hope-
fully clearly identified in your owner's manual. I'd forgotten that the
radio is also "unswitched" and like the radiator, directly wired to +12
(through the fuse box) since I have mine wired off of the switched +12!

The "load reduction" relay is powered from the Igntion-but-not-start key
switch circuit (i.e., on unless trying to start). This relay provides the
power to half of the other zillion relays which in their turn power as-
sorted unimportant accessories, like headlights, wipers, fans, A/C, and
stuff (I guess the radio is considered important enough to bypass the
whole thing and just always be on...matter of philosophy) like that. Try
wiggling the relay. If that doesn't work, pull and reinstall it. It that
doesn't work you probably need a new relay (you can try swapping it with
another identical one if you can find one -- but be careful 'cuz a lot of
them look alike but are *DIFFERENT* internally, check the whole part num-
ber/circuit before swapping any of them! If you don't know what you are
doing, just go down to your dealer and "try" a new relay and buy it if
if fixes the problem...)

By the way, if, when you pull the relay the contacts have little black
pits melted in them, or the socket itself is blacked/melted/distorted,
you are probably looking at at least some rewiring as well . . . lots
of fun! Depending on how your car is wired, this can range from trivial
to one real pain in the a**.

Is your car covered by warranty? If so, why are you even *thinking* of
trying to fix it yourself? If not, why not?