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John Ewald Audi S4 questions

As a renewed Audi quattro owner, and a brand new subscriber to this Digest, I'm
looking to research my vehicle:

How many cars has Audi of America brought in over the years?  I've seen numbers
on the Turbo Quattro Coupe somewhere, and probably totals too, but I don't have
them.  Have the various models been listed out by year?

How many S4s were brought in for '92, '93, and '94?

I am looking for a better understanding of the technical differences on the S4
as well; '92 to '93 to '94 to the '95 S6.  Some say none, although I thought
the transmission was different plus the interior differences (trip computer,

Personal note: I previously owned the '86 4000Q.  That experience completely
sold me on Audi and AWD.  The S4 is very different; "What a machine!" is my
usual reply when asked by family and friends.

John Ewald
'93 Audi S4
'67 Austin Cooper S 1275