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Re: Fools rush in .....

HI Alan.
>I have the same leaking 'X' screws. I hope your repair works. Could >you
>tell me what type of tool you fashioned to fit the 'X' slots( 2 half
>dollars welded together?) and what were the parts that did not fit >quite
>Right now my leak is slow enough to not be life-threatening.

>Ernest Wong
>email: esw5@cornell.edu

I want to be cautious here, and see if I'm still leak free
six months from now. So I won't offer lots of advice till then.

However, in answer to your tool question, I bought a 1" masonary
drill bit from Builders Square ( local hardware superstore ) and
ground it down to approximately correct and hand filed it the
rest of the way to get the sharp inside corners inside the "X".
It took about 30 to 40 minutes to make, if I recall. An earlier
attempt using a single flat piece of mild steel showed me that
HARD steel was required here.

The tool is in my garage ... 
( along with the 10mm 12 point star, #8 Torx, 10 mm allen socket, 
32 mm hex socket and other special Audi tools. )

All parts from the PAP kit fit exactly as far as I could tell.

Alan Cordeiro