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Re: hydraulic pump rebuild

In a previous message,New England: July-August & winter  08-Nov-1994 1443 writes:
>Just as a word of experience, I have rebuilt an Audi hydraulic pump.  I would
>not attempt this without the Bently maunual =OR= the factory service bulletin.
>Either of these are ok, and the give you secret information that you would
>never know. For example, it tells yuo how to make the tool to get those "X"
>screws out (a special snapon socket). Also, it's very important to use a torque
>wrench and use the proper values for each step of the reassembly process.

Does anyone have a copy of the service bulliten that could be scanned and
uploaded to swiss?  I have a scanner if someone would mail me a copy.  How did
you get the bulliten?  etc.?  ;-)

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