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RE: strange electrical problem, revisited

Could be a bad ignition switch. There are many connections in those switches. 

That's my bet,
DEC Maynard, MA

>the abilities of my favorite (and typically quite able) Audi mechanic.
>To summarize the symptoms:
>1) Car dies arbitrarily due to lack of voltage to the coil.
>2) When this happens, the coil is dead, as are all accessory lights.
>3) Engine will start with a jumper between +12 and coil (post labeled 15)
>4) When the jumper is removed, the engine dies again.
>I don't believe this is the voltage reduction relay as that reduces voltage to
>accessories but not to the coil. I expect that there's a problem with a relay
>somewhere, but can't imaging where.
>Any thoughts?