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Re: 5 bangers galore

> If your allergic to autos made in other places than the father land stop reading 
> here.
> I'm not defecting to Volvo but a friend has a price list for the Volvo 850  line 
> and they come with 2.4l normally aspirated and 2.3l turbo charged 5 cylinder 
> engines (hence the 5 in 850).  I'm curious, does any one know if this is a new 
> engine? How many other manufacturers have I-5 engines?  Until now I thought Audi 
> was alone.
> ---Jeff
Audi never was alone on the I-5 route. Since the late '70 Daimler-Benz
builds a 300D, which is a modifed 240D (4cyl) with just an added 5th
Merc naming convention 300=3 ltr 5 cyl (=.6ltr per cyl)
                       240=2.4 ltr 4 cyl (=.6ltr per cyl)
                       D stands for diesel
Mercedes later also added a turbo version.
- Hans
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