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Re: strange electrical problem, revisited

>seat belts, etc) that typically light when the key is turned to the accessory
>position are dead. The engine turns over but will not start since there is no
>voltage to the coil. So, I run a wire between +12 and the coil. Now the lights
>on the dash come on and the car starts and runs fine. If I disconnect the wire,
>sometimes the car will continue running, but most the time it dies again.

>Anyway, this scenario played out twice yesterday. Now the car will only start
>and run if the jumper wire is attached. Also, when the wire is attached and the
>car is running, I can turn off and remove the key and the engine just keeps on
>running (not dieseling, mind you, but really running).

Could be as simple as a bad ignition switch, all symptoms match, but
why would the mechanic not be able to figure it out immediately ?
Has he tried replacing the ignition switch ?