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Re: 5 bangers galore

     Just for grins, I'll throw in my 2 cents -- bringing the group total 
     up to about $17.50. :)
     I think that in the case of both the Audi and the Volvo, the 5 is 
     smoother than any 4 I've experienced.  However, I agree that the 5s 
     pale in comparison to a good 6 (especially an inline).  The Volvo 5 
     also seems more subdued than my Quantum, even though it outpowers the 
     Quantum significantly.  It just doesn't have that aggressive sound or 
     Someone mentioned easy access to the 5 in the Audi.  That's a great 
     feature -- too bad it doesn't hold on the Volvo, due to the transverse 
     layout. :(
     It's interesting to see the opinions on the design of the Vigor.  I 
     think that the Acura marketing people tried to make us believe that 
     it's something special, when it is _nothing_ more than an Accord with 
     an extra cylinder and no fold-down seats!  (Look inside -- you can see 
     the plastic plug that takes the place of the keylock for the rear 
     And Jeff:  You don't have to defect to get the Volvo -- just own one 
     of each! :)  (And retain primary driving rights on the Audi -- it's 
     more fun!)
     - Dave Dahl  (dad@roadnet.ups.com)
     - '87 VW Quantum Syncro
     - '93 Volvo 850GLT