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re: Re: User-programmable engine computers

Hello group,

I believe that Gene Berg of VW drag racing fame sells a programmable fuel 
injection system made by a company called Haltech. The last catalog I 
received from him made mention of testing they were doing with the system. 
I have also seen other ads for the system in Hot Rod type magazines.  The 
Gene Berg phone number for information is (704) 998-7500
Scott M.

cordeiro@adi.COM (Alan Cordeiro) Wrote:
| >I'm curious: how much demand do you all think that there 
| would be for an
| >easy-to-program engine computer which was fully 
| plug-compatabile with the
| >original engine computer?
| Seriously, what you are considering is a fairly large 
| undertaking.
| To get an engine to run smoothly requires a MAJOR INVESTMENT
| in time to get to where its sellable. Being in close proximity
| to the big three, I hear stories about hundreds of engineers
| with very sophisticated test equipment ( dynamometers, engine
| test stands, test vehicles on test tracks etc ) and lost of
| re-designs to get it right.
| Real time controller programming requires a bit more knowlege
| than the average "C" or basic hacker has. Staying synchronized
| with all events/operations in the engine is very tricky.
| I don't want to discourage you, just checking if you are
| aware of the size of the undertaking and a realistic look
| at how large the market really is.
| Good luck
| Alan Cordeiro