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Here was my starting point for the questions put up in the Digest earlier:

Audi S4 quattro product history:

1992 launch $43,750 (typical street price was $36-39, I've heard)
227bhp, CFC Air Conditioning
driver's airbag, walnut interior trim, trip computer, ABS on/off

1993 update $46,750 (typical street price was $41-43?)
227bhp, non-CFC Air Conditioning
dual airbag, carbon fiber trim, no trip computer, no ABS on/off

1994 change $49,070 (typical street price is $44-46?)
back to walnut interior trim (burr walnut)

1995 model change to Audi S6
Price not finalized (promised at about $46,000 again)
227bhp NOT finalized; serious rumor of 190bhp (due to two state's regs)
These issues were supposed to be done and in the showrooms by now; I haven't
checked with anyone for several weeks to know?

I've had the whole S4 program characterized to me this way:

The S4 was a very good machine in '92 that didn't sell as many units as quickly
as Audi wanted for the USA.  So for '93 they took off the high warranty cost
items (trip computer, ...), made it match other AWD manufacturers on the ABS
select idea (removed the on/off switch), and jazzed up the interior with "F1"
carbon fiber.  This also bought it closer to the understated feel of the
European car.  The experience after that implied that Americans expected high
gloss rather than spartan understated grey, so back to walnut for '94 (to match
the other manufacturers in this league and justify the $$$).  No changes to the
excellent motor during this whole time.  A great car still.

I understood that there was a change in transmissions from '92 to '93, that
there was a rear suspension "update" for the same dates (also in Dave Lawson's
note yesterday).

I will get to all this detail as I sort out this car I have but if any of you
have other bits or suggestions that would point me in the right direction it
would be easier.  Where would I get the numbers of S4s imported for '92, '93,

John Ewald
'93 Audi S4
'67 Austin Cooper S 1275