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Re: 4000S Heated Seats dead! Any ideas?

[excerpted from Mike LaRosa]
>HHHHMMMMMmmmmmm,  I'd love to add seat heaters to my 89 100, Leather
>gets kinda chilly in the winters....(Actually my wife would love it if
>I added seat heaters :-))  anybody know if the wiring is already there 
>on a car that doesn't have it ?  As in if I found the switches, and bought
>the heaters, would the wiring and connectors already be there ? if know one
>knows,  Andrew Duanne are you out there, would you be willing to compare 
>harnesses one day for my venture ?  and yes the cat's invited too :-)
>Mike L.
>P.S. anyone know the cost offhand for replacement heaters ?

I got my 87 5000S second hand so I do not know if it came from the factory
with heated seats or not. It now has manual non-heated seats. But under
each seat, poking out of the carpet is a little white plug connected to a
wire that looks like its at least 18 or 20 gauge. No switch on the console
for seat heater. 
Look under your seats to see if there are any plugs there. Would hate to
try and track down where the corresponding wire is under the dash. :-1 
Ernest Wong