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Re: 5 bangers galore

   > >I think it was brilliant of Audi to use another cylinder to balance
   > >the motor instead of adding a balance shaft. 

   > Is this true? Don't I remember something from the 70's about the 5 cyl being

   the 5 banger has its cranks spaced 120 degrees apart and it does fire

144 degrees...

   evenly.  it is perfectly balanced in terms of the 4 modes of
   vibrations that people normally look at.  the inline 4 is not balanced
   in the mode of vibration known as the secondary couple.  but as i've

aka "The Four-Cylinder Buzz" . . .

   said, the 5 shakes longitudinally and this is absorbed by soft engine

Certainly, the "perceived end effect" of Audi's 5'er is one of incredible