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Re: Radar Jammers

Date: 11 Nov 1994 17:11:49 GMT
Message-Id: <127266782.40878494@wellfleet.com>
Organization: Bay Networks, Inc.

Come on, people.  I have never seen or read anything that shows that Radar
Jammers are effective in any way.  As has been mentioned, the active jammers
send out a signal saying you are either moving at a fixed rate of speed (i.e
always 65 MPH) or a percentage of your real speed (80 MPH *.8 = 64 MPH, 70
MPH *.8 = 56 MPH, etc).  In either case, a cop is perceptive enough to know
there is something funny going on.

As far as passive jammers go, I have read tests that show they do absolutely
nothing.  The people selling them are betting on the fact that you have no
way of knowing if it does what it should or not (there are lots of
explanations in the literature about how it is not foolproof - a concept they
call "punch-through").  They figure the'll sell more than they get returned,
and end up making money in the end (haven't we heard this before - can you
say Superchips?) .  If you think about the concept of a passive jammer, it
doesn't make much sense.

If you're going to waste your money on a radar jammer, I would suggest buying
a better detector.  Better yet, send the money to me, I have some spare
computer boards and a black box I can send in return ;-)