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Re: Tech bulliten...

In a previous message,David Kavanagh writes:
>Chris, Thanks for scanning the Tech sheet for the pump re-sealing!  It came out
>beautifully on the 600dpi Laserjet here!  I would welcome any other offerings
>of simmilar material.  This is what makes the net great!

I would be glad to continue collecting tech bullitens and forward them to

If anyone has questions as to HOW to send bullitens to me, please contact Bill 
Samaras and ask him how he sent the pump info to me.  The quality of this fax 
is better than any I've seen.  Good job!  Remember, the quality of the
distribution is directly proportional to the quality of the fax I receive.
Hope you don't mind my mentioning your name, Bill.

For your information, the receiving machine is a Mac Quadra 960 running a 
Hayes faxmodem and uses the "SmartFax" software.  The postscript file was 
generated with the LaserWriter8 chooser extension and of course, compressed 
with gzip.

Drop me a note when you've got something to send, and I'll give you the fax
number.  Be sure to notify me when you are sending something so I know to
intercept it.

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