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Re: Radar Jammers

|From: quattro-owner
|To: quattro
|Subject: Re: Radar Jammers
|Date: Fri, Nov 11, 1994 12:52PM
|Date: 11 Nov 1994 17:11:49 GMT
|Message-Id: <127266782.40878494@wellfleet.com>
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|Come on, people.  I have never seen or read anything that shows that Radar
|Jammers are effective in any way.  As has been mentioned, the active 
|send out a signal saying you are either moving at a fixed rate of speed 
|always 65 MPH) or a percentage of your real speed (80 MPH *.8 = 64 MPH, 70
|MPH *.8 = 56 MPH, etc).  In either case, a cop is perceptive enough to know
|there is something funny going on.

I know nothing of radar jammers, BUT...

I read a story about the One Lap of America "Race" and it seemed the cars 
which were the most successful at avoiding speeding tickets were the ones 
with radar jammers.  This would lead me to believe that they work pretty