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5000 brake booster (servo)

This weekend I found out that hydraulic brake booster (servo) on my 87 5000TQ 
needs replacement. The symptoms were same as those experienced by others with 
failed presure accumulator (initial loss of brake assist after overnight 
rest), except that my accumulator is good. The next step was to disconnect a 
return line at the servo where, much to my dismay, I observed fluid leaking 
out at a slow, steady rate. 

The new part is available from Carlsen only and it costs $510, but before I 
order it I would like to hear from those of you who have had to repair this 
before. Is there a kit for rebuilding these things? How effective it is? Is 
it easy to perform (nothing that saves $500 should be too difficult)?

Looks like the booster is held to firewall by 4 nuts from cabin side of 
the wall, access to which probably requires removal of some panels under 
the steering wheel. What about dashboard, does it have to be pulled as well? 
Should I expect any problems when separating/reassembling the booster and 
the master cylinder? 

Ljubisa Stevanovic (stevanov@crd.ge.com)
87 5000 TQ