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Re: Sport 90 vs. Jetta GLX

Hi Jason,

> Dont get me wrong I love Audis, could someone please let me know
> what things the sport 90 holds as a benefit over the Jetta GLX.
> Both cars to me seem very similar.
Well, does "Prettier" count?  (...Kinda reminds me of the story about the kids 
in the back of the classroom asking... "Does Peachfuzz count?")  It seems 
that... <whomp> <thud> (grummmph...) Hey! Quit that! Keep your *&@#* hands... 
<thud> (ooofff!)

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Bart Chambers

'77 Feline Varmint Felix, Gray Tabby
'86 Carrera Cabriolet, Indischrot
'87 Syncro (Stealth Quattro)