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Re: Snow Tire Recommendation

Let's get this settled now so we don't have 20 instances of this
thread.  I'm not an expert but I did some shopping last winter, so:

Here are good sources for snow tires:

- your local tire place(s)

- The Tire Rack (800 428 8355)
  mailorder, you can also get steel rims or cheap alloys for an
  easy bolt on package.  Otherwise, you'll need to get the snows
  mounted locally.  Carries most brands (not Nokia).

- Eurotire (800 631 0080)

- Greer Enterprises (414 747 0996)
  Mailorder, carries Nokia tires and has OEM steel wheels too.

Good Tires/Brands:

- Bridgestone Blizzak
  claims to be great in ice.  Once the tire is worn down to 2/3 or so
  of tread, it becomes an all-season.  I thought this was a drawback,
  but actually, when your snow tire is worn down to 2/3 it's useless
  on snow anyway, so you might as well use what's left.

- Gislaved Frost, Nord Frost, Euro Frost
  Good Swedish tire, hard to find (check locally).

- Nokia Hakkapeliitta 10, NRW
  Good Finnish tire, great net reviews but also hard to find.  Try
  Greer (see above).

- Pirelli Winter/S2
  Worked great for me on the Audi last winter.  Pirelli has a whole
  line of snows (w190p, w210p).  Tire Rack has em all.

- Goodyear Ultra Grip
  Wonderful on my Jetta last winter in 175/70R13.  I believe there is
  a new model (400?) which was top rated in some Nordic magazine.
  The ratings for these are floating around in rec.autos.misc.


Just about every company makes a snow tire - the only advice I have is
to BUY EARLY.  It took months to get the Pirellis from Tire Rack
last winter (I ordered in December).

- sizing
  You can go with the stock size or down one - ie, my Jetta uses 185/60
  HR14 in the summer, I went with 175/70R13 on steel rims for snows.
  The Audi uses 195/60HR14, I use 185/65R14s on a set of MSW alloys.
  The Tire Rack can give you a good idea for what sizing to use.
  Generally, a narrower and taller tire is better in the snow.
  Not too sure about ice, but if you get lots look into studded snows
  if they are legal in your neck of the woods.

- separate wheels?
  If you've got the $ and space for them, it's always nice to be
  able to just bolt on your snow tires and wheels in a half hour.
  If not, you'll have to have a local shop mount and balance your
  snows, and remount and balance your all-seasons in the Spring.
  This can quickly add up, so if you can find a cheap set of steel
  rims, it's probably worth it.  Several of the companies above
  sell steel rims.  Check your junkyards locally.  Hint - check the
  base model of your car, ie steel rims from a base Audi 80 would
  be the ticket for my Audi 90.

| Dan |
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