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Heater problem - fixed

Firstly, thanks to everyone who helped out and shared
their experiences. 

Problem : Heater didnt work on my 85 5000S -(climate
	  control gizmo equipped.)

I was poking around the valve on the heater hose trying
to see what was wrong and found that there was no vacuum
going to that valve to actuate it. At this point i notice
a second valve, further upstream, nearer the firewall on
the same hose - this one was a manually operated one.
I simply opened it and the coolant flowed into the heater
core. Voila ! heat !

Well, this valve is *not* part of the original equipment
and must have been fitted there by the previous owner.
The climate control gizmo must have gone on the blink 
(the AC still works, though) and he must have installed
this manual valve which needs to be opened in winter
and closed  in summer :-)

The climate control still doesnt put out the hot
air through the front vents - i  have to blow
the hot air out of the windshield defogger vents, but
it heats up the cabin all the same.

Now for that &%#$ tranny problem !