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Re: VW Quantum Manual

In message <9410157849.AA784946383@SMTPgwy.ROADNET.UPS.COM>  writes:
>      Syncro owners beware:  Since the manual below only covers through 1986 
>      (and the Syncro was introduced in 1986.5), it may be the one that has 
>      "Syncro" on the cover but is actually missing the entire section on 
>      the diffs.  My Bentley manual has the Syncro information, but it is a 
>      newer edition covering through 1988.  (Bart, does this sound like the 
>      manual you had a problem with?)

Absoultely.  And there's no way to adequately express how *P*ssed* about this
deceptive rip-off it makes me... Grrrrrrr....

(still seething over the rip-off '86 Bently)