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Re: Radar detector/jammers (fwd)

glen.powell@ccmailny.smc.com writes:
  The theory on how this unit could work has bee reviewed by a very
  sceptical engineer, an expert with radar, LORAN, radio receivers and
  transmitters, amateur radio HW, is aand is also the owner of the MPH
  Industries K55 radar unit used for the previsouly mentioned testing.

	Do you have a reference for this?  I'd like to read it.

	I am not a radar engineer, but as I understand it, the police
radar must get a "fix" on the returned signal.  It must be consistant
for some sample of time.  If it varies too much, if for instance it fixes
on another vehicle, making a rapid jump from 68 mph to 74, the radar will
reject it.  So the question becomes, how do you "mess up" the signal 
enough so that it can not get a fix?  How much and what kind of signal
has to be sent back to do this?  Is the signal power you would have to 
transmit low enough so that you could do it without an FCC license?