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Re: One valve down. Is it safe to drive ? (for a while ...).

The belt broke at 146K, I have no idea if the previous owner changed it though.
>From the papers I have (from the second guy) it doesn't look like it was changed
in the last 40K either.
Anyway, my status now:
	I feel bad every time I drive it ... the car shakes up'n'down horribly
under 2000 rpm ...
	A strange thing is that a guy that calls himself audi specialist said
last night there is now way I have damage on the head, while the dealer
said 9 times out of 10 there is valve damage. Go figure. 
	I will first try the specialist (Kirk's Auto Repair). Has anybody
in the St. Louis are had any experience with this guy ?
	The guy that changed the belt says I am looking at 1100$ ... For a
car that I bought 1800 that's depressing ...
	Anyway ...
	Thanks for all the responses, and "get well" notices ...


'86 5000 CS Turbo 

Evangelos Tozakoglou