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Re: One valve down. Is it safe to drive ? (for a while ...).

I live in St. Louis and I have never heard of "Kirks Auto Repair"
I would try "Kars" (Audi Specialist) on Hanley Rd.  (Behind the Dent Wizard),
"Splisgardt Motors" (European Specialist) on Manchester Rd. or "GLB Motor
Works" (Germany Specialist) on Big Bend (Across from Hi-Fi-Fo-Fum!)  If you
want to do the head yourself (Not that hard really) Modern Imports is your
best bet for a used head (638-6040 ask for Kevin tell him I sent you)

Eric FLetcher
'81 Coupe w/335k Miles (and 6 timing belts)
'87 5000CS Turbo Quattro