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Re: Remote Radar Detectors/Detectors in Germany

> The other question is that since Radar detectors are, I understand illegal for 
> use in Germany, which manufacturer makes the highest rated REMOTE detector. 
> >From monitoring the list recently, I know the discussions have covered the 
> Valentine, BEL, and Escort detectors, but these are all stand-alone units.  The 
> 'remote' for the Valentine is just a separate display, and does not allow 
> mounting of the unit behind the front grille.  
> Does anyone have recommendations on unit(s) that will meet both criteria ?
> I need a rapid reply, since they will be returning to Germany this Friday.
K40 also makes a remote mount radar detector.  I can't though offer any 
opinion.  Do go to your local library and read the Car & Driver tests on them
for the past 3 or for years.