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Re: Remote Radar Detectors/Detectors in Germany -Reply

Start of message from GKW
I have two remote radar systems.  One is from Fox and I can't
remember whose name is on the other one, but they are virtually
identical.  The nice thing about them is that the receivers use
rechargeable (via the Cig lighter) batteries so that they are easy to
mount in neat places.  (under the huge dash overhang on the older 100's
and 200's).  The problem is that they are only OK at detecting hand held
radar and it is not easy to "shut off" the transmitter which is in the grill
and typically always on.  They function quite well as "Cop detectors" in
the wide open spaces.  Let me know if you need more info.

GKW 89 200TQ

>>> Robert W. Cohn <rwcohn@chinet.chinet.com> 11/16/94 11:44pm
>  > The other question is that since Radar detectors are, I understand
illegal for  > use in Germany, which manufacturer makes the highest
rated REMOTE detector.  > >From monitoring the list recently, I know
the discussions have covered the  > Valentine, BEL, and Escort
detectors, but these are all stand-alone units.  The  > 'remote' for the
Valentine is just a separate display, and does not allow  > mounting of
the unit behind the front grille.   >  > Does anyone have
recommendations on unit(s) that will meet both criteria ?
> I need a rapid reply, since they will be returning to Germany this
>  K40 also makes a remote mount radar detector.  I can't though offer
any  opinion.  Do go to your local library and read the Car & Driver tests
on them for the past 3 or for years.