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Re: quattro question

On Thu, 17 Nov 1994 jafiluk@acs.ucalgary.ca wrote:

> I understand that quattro system will reduce power to wheels 
>that are slipping and
> apply power to those that have the best grip , correct?  

>So it seems one must keep 
> a steady foot on the gas in order for this to occur, right?

no, why?
> what would happen if:  I was driving downhill in very slick/icy 
> conditions and there was a curve ahead.  
>If I took off my foot from the gas, to 
> negotiate the curve, would the benefits of quattro be realized?

yes, in terms on 4 wheeled engine braking.

> How would quattro know how to re-destribute power to the most grippy wheels?
>  Or would it slow down the wheels with the least grip?

the torsen differential is a purely mechanical device.  very clever,
but purely mechanical.  explaining its workings in ascii is impossible.