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Tressor (sp?)

As I understand it Tressor (Treser?) was involved with the development 
of the original Quattro Turbo Coupe at Audi.  He then went out on his 
own as a tuner.  IMO the body kit he made for the QTC improved the looks 
of the car.  It had a rear spoiler that wrapped around from the end of 
the rear quater windows and a chin spoiler that looked a little more 

Does anybody know how to get info about the body kits?  Is the QTC kit 
still available?

Since I'm dreaming about upgrades ... I also love the forged 5-spoke 
wheels that were on the rally cars.  I've seen some on 5000 TQs also.  
Anybody know about how much a set goes for and where I might be able 
to pick up a set?

Steve Buchholz