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Re: Audi Picture Gallery

>Hi Everyone,
>OK, there's now some order to the pictures on the Mosaic Page...
>Check out the all-new Audi Picture Gallery...I'm taking "donations" to the
>gallery...please send images uuencoded...when you do, you will get a
>personal entry in the gallery with the pictures of your car.
>Once again, its:
>	http://ursa12.cs.utah.edu:5000
>  _/  Mark Salem                Utah Retrieval Systems Architecture Group   _/
> _/   msalem@cs.utah.edu        University of Utah Computer Science Dept.  _/ 

I looked a few times today. Each time I looked, it was getting better. 

Damn nice job mark! Please keep it up!


bbell@csn.org (Bruce Bell)