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Re: Re: Radar detector/jammers (fwd) -Reply

On Nov 18,  4:32pm, Steven Buchholz wrote:
> Subject: Re: Re: Radar detector/jammers (fwd) -Reply
> I guess I haven't been very precise in my writing of late.  Sorry you
> misunderstood me Rob.  What I meant to say is that I do NOT drive at
> the speed limit on highways that are posted 55 only for revenue en-
> hancement.  (I must do my part to help the state budget!)
> Steve Buchholz
> Most of the time I'm on 101 people dream what 55 would be like!
>-- End of excerpt from Steven Buchholz

Aha! I clearly misunderstood. I guess I'm lucky enough to travel 101 in lighter
traffic or in the diamond lane.

-- rob

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